Instructions for Purchasing and Managing Activation Codes

1. Buying Guide

Step 1:

1.1 Access Website and click Login

1.2 Choose to sign in with Google

Step 2:

2.1 click on Price List or the orange Order button

2.1 You choose the appropriate package (1 year package is recommended) and click the Buy Now button

2.2 Fill in all personal information including: Full name, phone number

2.3 Choose the appropriate payment method: Credit Card or Paypal

Step 3:

When payment is successful, you will immediately receive an activation code on the website, you can monitor and manage the Key yourself such as Renewal, Reset Key to change the device.

2. Instructions for Managing Orders and Activation Codes

Step 1: Log in with the correct email when registering to buy Sadesign Panel Activation Code on the website

Step 2: Choose to log in with Google like the image below

Step 3: Click on Avatar Photo and you will see all the Keys and orders like the image below

You can monitor and manage the Key yourself (Reset Key/Change Key to another device and Automatic renewal plus usage date on Panel)


Confirm Reset Key/Change Device

Are you sure you want to Reset Key/Change Device on this Key?

The computer that has this Key activated will be removed and you can use this Key to activate it on any computer.