My panel cannot be activated? What should I do?

3 Common errors of not being able to activate the Panel successfully:


1. Every time I open Photoshop, the Key is thrown away and I have to re-enter the Key to reactivate the Panel?

=> Please update and reinstall the latest Panel version 5.3.0 Here

2. Panel is blocked by anti-virus software, preventing activation and use
 => Turn off anti-virus applications or firewalls

3. Due to loss of internet connection, Panel cannot connect to the server.
 => You can connect to the internet, then turn off Photoshop and turn it back on to reactivate it



👉 If you have fixed the above 3 errors but still cannot use it, please send Untraview (teamviewer) via Fanpage for support.

If you need to find the Activation Code again to Activate the Panel, click here to retrieve it: 


Please note: When opening Sadesign Panel to use, there are times when the network hangs and the connection is lost, and the Panel may not be activated successfully. You just need to press the ESC button next to the F1 button on the keyboard many times, then turn off Photoshop and then turn it back on to reactivate the Panel and you will be able to use it normally.

Confirm Reset Key/Change Device

Are you sure you want to Reset Key/Change Device on this Key?

The computer that has this Key activated will be removed and you can use this Key to activate it on any computer.