5 ways to fix errors when sitting at a desk during photo editing

01/02/2022 1,626

5 ways to fix errors when sitting at a desk during photo editing
When you sit at work for many hours continuously looking at photos or sitting for a long time editing will make your body feel tired, and affect the bones of the organs in the body. 5 ways to fix errors when sitting at a desk during photo editing Practicing smart ergonomic techniques can save you from neck pain, back pain, leg pain, as well as wrist pain. We've covered healthy habits for editors in the past as it pertains to your eyesight, but David Zhang's video contains some great tips that can be put into practice right away. keep you comfortable while burning midnight.

Not sitting completely upright

While the idea of ​​good posture tends to require you to sit up straight, this often puts unnecessary pressure on your spine as you struggle to hold yourself up. Instead, recline the chair slightly so that you can lean back in the chair to support some of your body weight.

Do not adjust the seat height for your legs and feet

Usually, the first thing we do when buying a new chair, is to adjust the height so that our feet are flat on the floor. The problem, as pointed out in the video, is that this often works based on the position of your keyboard, mouse, or tablet. Instead, adjust your height for those peripherals and place a footrest underneath you if your legs dangle.

Do not use desks with built-in drawers

Follow the last step and you'll quickly find that there's not much room between your desk and your feet if adjusted properly, meaning the addition of drawers or keyboard trays will likely force you to lower your legs. low height of chair. make it difficult to properly extend your arm and wrist while working. Smashing your knees on the table is also a possibility, and not a pleasant one.

Do not use a sleeveless gown

This may come as a surprise to many, but the best way to work with your keyboard or tablet is to have your arm hover above the table, rather than leaning against its edge. This is difficult to maintain for long periods of time, so resting instead of allowing you to place the weight of your palm on it rather than on the wrist, will greatly reduce wrist discomfort. effective.

Standing at your desk is not good for you

Although standing desks are becoming more and more popular, standing up all day is no better than sitting, as it puts pressure on the feet, ankles, shins and especially the back depending on the posture. your position. The best way to treat long stretch marks on your desk is to take regular walking breaks. Resting your eyes and allowing the blood to circulate quickly to get some water will help you avoid pain from sedentary. Watch the video at: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ree1CWifQTg[/embed] It's important to take care of your body, as repetitive stress injuries are rampant in the editing industry. Fix these 5 mistakes and we hope this will make you more comfortable at work. However, no advice should replace the advice of a medical professional, and we encourage anyone experiencing persistent discomfort during an orthopedic to consult a physician. Sitting for a long time at work makes the muscles, as well as the bones of your body feel uncomfortable, easily causing you pain. And the best thing is that you should take some time to relax during your work, you can stand up and walk to stretch your muscles, as well as relax your body and eyes to reduce fatigue when you have to work. long for many hours.

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