5 quick composition tips for vibrant images

25/01/2022 1,648

5 quick composition tips for vibrant images
Hi! To create a great image, we have to make a lot of choices, with the most impactful choices often being the simplest. How a composing photographer can turn an ordinary photo into an amazing animated photo. Couples retouchers may also consider cropping an invaluable tool for enhancing desirable elements in the images they work with. This will help you push yourself to edit in other unexpected ways! 5 quick composition tips for vibrant images Whether you're a composition photographer or a photo editor in charge of the post-production of the final image, here are 5 quick composition tips to get your images to life.

Photo Frame Filling

Frame filling is a great way to create an image that's more interesting to look at. The way you do this is by cropping your main object. I like my subject to touch at least 2-3 edges of the frame to really create the feel I want. (All images are by Eugenia Carolina)

Look for shapes and lines

The human form creates beautiful shapes and lines as it moves. It's about finding the right angles and training your eye to see the opportunity to create it. When we have a strong shape or line, it guides the viewer's eye through the frame and can lead to focus in the image when done well.

Put your theme off center

We all know the rule of thirds in photography, but it's a tried-and-true method for creating beautiful and interesting photos. Placing the subject horizontally or vertically off-center catches the viewer off guard and thus causes them to pause and view the image longer than placing the subject in a predictable place.

Arrange the order in the image such as: focus, object, foreground...

When our main subject is not in the foreground, this creates excitement because it is unpredictable in composition. We're used to seeing the subject in the foreground, then seeing the elements in the middle, and finally the background, but what if you combined the order that what we normally see? This is a great way to instantly drive viewer interest.

Surround your subject or focal point with plenty of space

Just as filling the frame with your subject creates interest, adding more space than expected around your subject creates an equally dynamic image. Placing your subject off-centre with lots of negative space to the side is a great way to use two composition tricks in a single frame.

By: Eugenia Carolina

The composition and rules surrounding the subject are very flexible. There's really no right or wrong way to compose a photo, but there are better ways to do so. Some composition techniques can make a huge difference to an image and take it from a snapshot into a truly amazing photo. It is important to experiment with these techniques. Combine them wherever possible. Try them out as often as you can on different topics and know when NOT to use them. The important part is making sure you master them. Use them when you need them. Find out what works for you and start there. This way, not only will your image be improved, but your ability to see the image in a scene will also increase. This is the most important part of photography and is often the factor that distinguishes an ordinary photographer from a great one. The ability to see an image in a scene makes all the difference, and these composition techniques help you do just that.

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