Turn The Photo into a Scene Looking Out From a Window With Rain and Fog

18/09/2021 1,656

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Turn The Photo into a Scene Looking Out From a Window With Rain and Fog

Hello friends, today I will share with you how to create a mirror effect in Photoshop.

Right here, I have an urban background with lots of buildings and skyscrapers. And grade 1 is a mirror with a lot of rain on it.

(2). Go to Filters > Camera Coarse Filter > we will reduce the noise on this mirror. In the details tab, increase “noise reduction” until all noise disappears.

(3). Let me show the before and after so you can see the difference between them. Press OK

Change the blend mode for the screen.

Click on the adjustment icon and select “Brightness/Contrast”, it is too bright so of course we will reduce the brightness to about -100 and increase the contrast to 50

Create a Vibration Adjustment Layer, increase the Vibration to 38 and decrease the Saturation to -24

Duplicate the background layer with CTRL + J

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > radius 10 pixels.

Add a layer mask to it, and now we use the brush to show the areas we want. Make sure the opacity is around 50%. Make it look like we see the city through the window on a foggy rainy day.

Additionally, the foreground color should be black.

When you're done, create a curve adjustment layer to add some contrast to it.

Alright! Have fun with this new technique.

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