When are you good enough to become a Freelancer?

25/01/2022 1,623

When are you good enough to become a Freelancer?
Every time you wake up, you feel confused, raise your head to look at everything around you, your eyes slowly grasp everything and start to focus again, then you suddenly realize that you didn't know. when do you fall asleep while you are working.. Every day goes by, but you don't feel fulfilled in your soul, you feel bored because life has no challenges, repeating every day. At home, you are a person who has always been passionate about photography and post-production. Every day, when the work at your company is over, you run right home and practice on new image editing techniques in Photoshop. You watch a lot of video editing tutorials on Youtube, from there you learn and start practicing according to it, gradually increasing the speed with interest and interesting inspiration in it. After a few weeks or months, even years, you start to think that you are good enough to start working as a Freelancer, you have a passion for it, you have a lot of ideas and you I think maybe someday you'll give up your current job to pursue your passion, but it's still vague at the moment. Or, you don't have a stable job right now. But you want to be a freelancer that will suit you for diversification, or even it will help you with extra income. Now you start to seriously think about the question "am I good enough?" Whatever the reason, you've always wanted this answer and probably more. Take myself as an example: I am a teacher, a writer and also a photographer and a photo editor. This may sound ridiculous or say it's a lot of work but it can sometimes overwhelm my passions, with this variety it allows me to fill in the gaps in my soul that need to be filled. full. For every profession it offers a great alternative to my everyday job security (anyway, I personally don't consider all of that unsafe for today's life). chief) In a word, you can do many things, you don't have to give up the current job that you are doing, but you will combine them to enrich your life, it is very safe. in today's economy. You have both a stable income and an extra hourly income. This is not very good. But back to the present question "when are you good enough, good enough" All of the "good enough" thoughts, worries, and doubts we have to deal with at the end of the fnos arc depends on what we define as "good" in the first place. "Good enough" itself is subjective because one's definition of "good" will always vary from person to person. So, if the definition of "good enough" will always be subjective, how can we objectively measure our own "good enough". While there may be other ways for you to determine this, I believe that the most pragmatic approach will be realized after the following two exercises:

When are you good enough to become a Freelancer?

You have to put all your feelings and emotions aside and look at it as objectively as possible about your work. You need to study it, critique it and ask yourself most honestly, "How does this compare (objectively) to known industry experts". Deep down, if you're honest with yourself, you'll answer. However, if you're still stuck in a rut or want more affirmation, then go ahead.

Exercise 2: Seek the opinion of professional and straightforward experts

You need to seek the opinion of unbiased experts you respect so that they can provide the most honest critique of your work, the more reviews you get, the more experienced you will be. . Most of the experts I know are more than happy to offer advice and criticism on someone's work, if they are tactfully asked. Note: Their honest criticism can make you hurt and not like what they say, but listen to be able to draw conclusions and do better. Now, based on their feedback and your own, you will now have information on whether or not you should pursue a freelance photo editing career, or keep doing what you want. been working for a while now a little longer. When your job is mediocre, you still try to be a freelancer. Sure, do what you want, we're free after all! Just know that you are not doing yourself or your client any favors. They will probably be disappointed, you will also be disappointed, and chances are your freelance days will be over before they have a chance.

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