Concepts of beauty, biology & Aesthetics for beauty editors

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Concepts of beauty, biology & Aesthetics for beauty editors

When I first tried to retouch the pictures I took in 2006, I didn't know what to do or how to do it.

Today, there are thousands of video tutorials on how to edit photos online, but no one can explain what needs to be edited to make a woman's face look younger, healthier and more beautiful.

Concepts of beauty Concepts of beauty

It took me a while to figure out what common problems I needed to get rid of from my subject's face and body, and what changes I had to make to make them look more appealing.

I visually targeted specific areas and imperfections when retouching my face, and I must have done just fine. Because, even without technical knowledge at the time, I still try to make all the clients and the model happy with my manipulation.

My photography and editing preferences and tastes have changed millions of times since then, as I continued to improve my technical skills. But the problems and imperfections that I'm attacking in almost every photo remain.

I've never been taught by anyone, and I haven't taken any human anatomy classes for artists before I started editing. But as any teenage girl, I love fashion magazines and beauty styles, so I've gathered a large variety of titles over the years.

When my parents asked me to start getting rid of old books, I went through them and tore out the pages with the pictures I liked. I carefully cut out the photos and pasted them into a large notebook.

It was the beginning of Visual Journal that could have made a big difference in my life a decade and a half later.

I continue to collect magazine covers, photos, illustrations and even business cards and postcards if they contain inspirational images. It almost turned into an obsession - I'd pull out magazine pages while I waited for a hairdresser appointment ... and anywhere else if I had the chance.

magazine covers magazine covers

After a few years, I ran out of space in that notebook, but I kept it - it was at my parents' house in Moscow, and I visited it every time I went there to see my family.

I spent so much time looking at those pages over the years that I remember what images were around some of them. I did not know that by studying all those faces of different shapes, ages, and races, I effectively trained the eye in human anatomy, while at the same time learning to appreciate and understand looks. beautiful woman's face and body.

I studied Economics and spent almost 10 years in finance working my way ... and then one day I quit everything and went to study photography in Australia. Now I'm a full-time Beauty photographer and editor, and that Visual Magazine could be the reason.

Beauty photographer and editor Beauty photographer and editor

When I started teaching photo editing, I realized that even after I explained how specific tools and techniques work. Most of my students won't know what they should use them for to make a female face more attractive in post-production.

And since I've always relied entirely on what I think looks good when I edit, I don't know how to explain my strategy to my students.

When I started my new "Amateur to Professional in a Week" editing video training course, I decided that I had to research and find out why the editing decisions I made It is always effective and satisfying to my customers.

There are thousands of video tutorials on how to retouch skin, hair, ... but I have not seen anyone talk about what needs to be retouched to make portraits more beautiful.

I have compiled this video in an effort to explain what makes a woman's face look less attractive, so we know what we need to look for to minimize or eliminate when editing a female portrait or photo. photos of beauties and make those faces look fresh, young, and beautiful.


In this video, I tried to verbalize and illustrate what I have learned since I started making my own makeup, by observing other women, reading beauty tips in magazines and watching makeup tutorials.

Please remember I am not a biologist or esthetician, I am just a female photographer and beauty editor. I think I have found some answers and I am happy to share them with you. Hopefully you will also learn something new and interesting from my explanation.

Above are the words from the author of the article, hope to help you, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below for the SaDesign Retouching Academy team to help you.

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