5 mistakes to keep in mind when retouching your skin

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5 mistakes to keep in mind when retouching your skin

Beautiful, glowing skin is one of the signs that you are a good retoucher. To do this requires you to have time and practice to train your eyes and hands. Learning when to stop is just as important as learning all the techniques available to you.

Retouching your skin Retouching your skin

One thing that is especially important when retouching skin is that it should not be too flexible, too white like a wax figure.

Requires you to correct the skin so that the skin is fresh, even, bright enough with many details. It is important in preserving leather details; The eye needs this to believe what it is seeing.

Below we will introduce to you 5 common mistakes that will lead you astray when editing skin.

Don't Zoom In and Zoom Out When You Re-Edit

You will use a variety of tools to even out skin tone; but before you start, zoom out on the photo and consider the overall skin tone and quality. Where does it need help? Go in with a plan of what specific images. Often retouchers will be looking for uneven skin tone, blemishes or rough skin texture, distracting wrinkles and hairline to correct.

Zoom In and Zoom Out When You Re-Edit

Once you have your editing plan in place, zoom in and closely coordinate each area. Don't wait until you've finished the area to shrink, you have to keep zooming out to see the effect you're creating.

This is a common problem with skin that is too dry and flat. It's easy to get the skin you want if you work methodically and smartly. Finally, the model's skin needs to look good both from up close and from a distance.

Remove birthmarks, freckles and wrinkles naturally

While your goal is to make your skin beautiful and flawless, don't overdo it and take away wrinkles or freckles. There is a difference between distracting lines and facial contours that we need to make the face believable.

Try leaving a few lines under the eyes where it wrinkles. Eliminate forehead wrinkles, crow's feet or smile lines. This is another important key that you need to remember, because it often separates amateur photos from professional ones.

Remove birthmarks, freckles and wrinkles naturally

Change the lighting style of the photo

This is almost never a good idea! Follow the natural highlights and shadows of the image. Make sure to locate the facial highlights and lighten and even them when dodging. Zoom out and see how you can balance the image in if needed.

Look out for bone structure when shaping

Knowing the anatomy of a face is very important in retouching. Instead of guessing, you have to know the position of the hills and the slope of a face. Therefore, you can emphasize or downplay what you want.

Cheeks, jawline, lip shape, brow line - you have all these beautiful features to edit with, but don't try to change them drastically or leave them completely the same if you I am not confident that I understand well the anatomy of the human face.

Forget details like chapped lips, veins and facial hair 

I see beautiful skin in many images, but the overall quality of the image suffers when other details such as: grainy hands or feet, veined eyes, chapped lips, facial hair or contours Neck distraction is ignored. This makes the photo look unsightly.

Therefore, do not forget to never forget these details to get the best edited image.

Hopefully with 5 mistakes to keep in mind when retouching skin that we have shared above will be really useful for those of you who are interested in the field of photo editing.

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