6 Editing issues to Avoid Before Taking a Photo

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6 Editing issues to Avoid Before Taking a Photo

The old adage "time is money" couldn't be more true for image editors, as our detail-oriented work demands have time.

For photographers, the editing of their works is very important, no matter what the cause or the result, mistakes cannot be avoided during the shooting process. 

editing issues to avoid editing issues to avoid

Editing will help you to bring a lot of benefits. To reduce costs when editing due to problems during shooting, you can refer to the following article, we will cover 6 editing issues to avoid before taking pictures to save you time. more time in post-production.

Chapped lips

Almost all photographers do not like having to fix a photo with chapped lips. However, it was also unavoidable so they found the most effective ways to better give those chapped lips to make it look better, of course when you apply lipstick on smooth, non-blemished lips. It will definitely look much nicer.

Chapped lips Chapped lips

To improve the skin texture on the lips, before taking pictures the model needs to take good care of her lips, but if not taken care of before taking the photo, you need to:

  • Use a mascara wand disposable (spoolie) or a soft toothbrush;
  • Use any oil (all-purpose oil or even olive oil), whatever you have available at your studio.

For the makeup artist when starting to do makeup, it is necessary to look at the model's face to see if her lips are beautiful, moisturized or not. If you find that her lips are dry and chapped then dip a disposable mascara wand in the oil and let your model gently rub the mascara brush over her lips.

And for the best lips, you should exfoliate your lips and remove any dry flakes leaving your lips softer with a healthier lip texture.

Swollen tendons on the arm

This is very common for people who have thin veins on the back of their hands, however when post-processing we are often asked to remove them before posting. And there is a cure for this before you take the picture.

Swollen tendons on the arm Swollen tendons on the arm

Before you take pictures that can see the whole hand, ask your model or client to raise their hands and relax for 5 seconds, at which point the blood will flow back from the hand and the skin will help the beautiful hands. and more evenly colored.

Bra line

If you want to capture the bare shoulders of your model or client, ask her to take off her bra before she sits down to put on makeup and do her hair. Therefore, it will help the shoulders to have smoother skin, without wrinkles from tight bra straps, the shoulders will be slimmer but more beautiful.

You should also prepare a nice dress in the studio so that the client or model can wear it during the hair and make-up. Of course you need to find a little bit of a tight fitting, and a discreet place to change them so they are more comfortable taking off their bra.

Marks and wrinkles

You know that with anything you wear can leave marks or wrinkles. For example, the hairspring is the culprit that causes a large footprint, and in the process of shooting, if not careful, it will lose the beauty of the picture.

For pictures taken 3/4 or full frame, you must make sure that when the model does their hair, make-up, or clothes, they should not go deep into their abdomen or any other area of ​​their body. surname. If you are not careful, it will leave marks on your body that will not look good, and you will have to waste time in post-processing.

Makeup and hair styling

Usually the makeup and hair styling will take up the most time during a photo shoot, as you need to create a variety of styles and always make sure the model looks her best.

Makeup and hair styling Makeup and hair styling

Makeup, hair styling will need a lot of products to make the model's face more beautiful according to the concept that photography wants, so it will make the skin dry, or have a lot of excess oil during the shoot.

The areas where the foundation tends to crack or get the most dry are the sides of the mouth and around the eyes. So you need to pay much attention to those two areas to bring out the perfect image.

Always keep the hair in line.

Hair is always a part that the editor must pay much attention to because it is necessary to keep it, and even facial hair, fluffy, styled hair, in the process of beauty retouching, needs to be. Pay close attention as it will affect post-production. This is extremely important.

So when you make up, you need to make sure to cover all the fluff, and pay attention to the model's hair, as long as the hair is a little messy, you need to fix it immediately. In short, the hair part is also very important so when doing your hair, please pay attention to it.

Above is 6 editing issues to avoid and prevent before taking pictures because it will save you a lot of time in the post-editing process.

If you have any questions, contact SaDesign Retouching for the fastest answer.

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