7 things to know for beautiful photo editing

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7 things to know for beautiful photo editing

For a photo called beautiful photo editing, not only requires the photographer to take a good photo, but also thanks to the light and the editor to get a good photo. The following article SaDesign Retouching will list the things to know when editing photos with the best quality.

beautiful photo editing beautiful photo editing

In terms of symmetry

To get a good picture, the first thing we need to do is pay attention to the symmetry. The more symmetrical the face is, the more eye-catching it will be. Facial features such as: Eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose, chin and jawline will be the places with the most symmetry.

In terms of symmetry In terms of symmetry

Usually each of these changes will be very small, but they have the potential to make a huge difference. You need to pay attention to make corrections when it is not symmetrical. At this point you should choose the Liquify tool to make the edits.

Shapes and Lines

An image or image always has lines and shapes. We can perform straightening or warping any shape or line we see. Usually, we look at the model's figure, shoulder, neck, and posture, as well as the shape and line the model is creating. The Liquify tool is a great way to make these adjustments.

Shapes and Lines Shapes and Lines

Dark spots and wrinkles skin

Skin is very important to a good image. We need to beautify the skin without losing the skin structure, to avoid unreal and rough skin. Healing brush tool and clone stamp tool is most suitable in this case.

Here I use healing brush tool 90% of the time on my skin, I will sample the same texture on my skin with the healing brush tool to even out or remove wrinkles and blemishes. 

Dark spots and wrinkles skin Dark spots and wrinkles skin

Editing the skin with the Frequency Separation

Frequency Separation tool is a great technique that many of us have heard and used. Together with the use of the healing brush tool and clone stamp tool, we should use the Frequency Separation tool at the same time for optimal efficiency.

Clone Stamp for Hair

Hair is just as important as the skin. In a photo, there will be no way to avoid the appearance of excess hair. The Clone stamp works great for this job. The Clone Stamp in Normal, Darken, and Lighten modes will take care of hair in dark areas.

Clone Stamp in Darken mode affects brighter strands than darker hair, and a lighten mode affects dark strands on brighter hair. For body and face hair, the healing brush tool is a great option. The Healing Brush in Lighten mode is considered a very good tool to remove body hair quickly and effectively.

Dodge and Burn

This is one of the tools capable of correcting tones, as well as enhancing highlights, shadows, and appearance extremely well. Here, you can correct uneven hair and skin, as well as highlight the makeup or jewelry on the model.

Tone & Contrast

Tone & Contrast Tone & Contrast

Skin color correction and hair problems are essential, but tone is what gives the photo an artistic touch. Cool or warm colors have different effects, like image saturation and contrast.

Hue, Saturation and Luminosity are 3 components of color theory, they are all tools to help stimulate mood and sensation. So, when editing photos with photoshop, you should pay attention to fully utilize these toolbars for your images.

The above sharing by SaDesign Retouching about 7 things to know for beautiful photo editing will hopefully give you great information to create a beautiful photo. I wish you success with your edited images!

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