The sharing of Focus Artist Claire Harrison

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The sharing of Focus Artist Claire Harrison

Focus artist Claire Harrison, who is a huge contributor to the development of the world's beauty and image retouching technology.

The sharing of Focus Artist Claire Harrison The sharing of Focus Artist Claire Harrison

Surely everyone who is doing or has learned about the editing and beauty industry will surely know a famous artist in that world, the focus artist Claire Harrison. She is a figure making an impact in the beauty industry and is admired by many people. In the article below, let's follow the sharing of Claire Harrison to understand more about her thoughts as people.

Claire Harrison is a beauty and advertising photographer in London. She has a special love for creative color and lighting, as well as her distinctive style that sets her apart from other photographers in the industry. EyLure, Nivea, Garnier and L'Oreal are just some of the beauty brands on Claire's client list. The beginning with art of Claire Harrison

After completing a diploma in Art & Communication in 2004, Claire Harrison started working as an assistant photographer and this marked my beginning in my photography career. Back then, Claire Harrison had shown an early interest in visual arts from a young age, thanks to her parents. Furthermore, Claire Harrison inherits a specialization in color and the ability to use bold colors in images from her father, who works as a color technician.

the begining claire harrison the begining claire harrison

Studying Art & Photography doesn't really give Claire Harrison the skills she needs to run a photography business – it has supported her with all the missing elements she needs to survive as a free photographer. It also allows Claire Harrison to get a good range of lighting skills.

Claire Harrison switched from support to free work in 2008-2009 and has now been 6-7 years.

Claire Harrison's highest achievement

According to Claire Harrison:

One of my favorite pictures will be from an editorial about swimwear that I took. This photo is a real mark of my career and my photography style. I quickly realized that I liked to shape with light and pose sculpted. This image summed it all up, and also brought me my first editorial with Vanity Fair.

Claire Harrison's highest achievement Claire Harrison's highest achievement

How to create a special image of Claire Harrison

When Claire Harrison started creating a picture of hair, she realized that the light can be very complicated and complex and requires a different approach from light fashion & common beauty.

Some lighting settings might be as simple as using only one lamp, but for hair or jewelry shots, she should be able to use up to 10 lights. T Claire Harrison really likes lighting and can say: “ This is my area of ​​expertise” and what sets her work apart from other beauty photographers.

special image of Claire Harrison special image of Claire Harrison

Claire Harrison 's career stickman

Claire Harrison 's career stickman shares the following about those who worked with her major influences:

“I work with two main editors. One of them has great hair-editing ability, this is a very rare talent. Retouching hair can be very difficult and time consuming. I think the style of hairstyles lately has changed and now it doesn't need to be so perfect and shiny, but when you need to pay attention to this detail, not many retouchers can do it well.

Both of the visual editors I work with have been with me since I began my career. I think it's really important to set your style together. Editing is an important part of the image creation process and is the end result of your work. It is important to trust the editor to deliver your stylish image.

I try to keep retouched skin to a minimum by properly illuminating the scene and using great models, beautiful skin, and great makeup artists who know how to work with my light.”

Claire Harrison 's career stickman Claire Harrison 's career stickman

 “I believe it is important to approach the image with an old attitude – that it must be taken in camera and that the photo editor must exale the natural beauty of the photo, not change/create the image.

I always send the EIP file in Capture One to the photo editor so that they can see the basic tones that I hope to achieve. If it is editorial or collaboration, I will ask the photo editor to send me 3-4 versions of the tone that they think will work and we choose the look of the scene from there.

I like to be creative and work on personal projects. Often these are images that get attention and show people who you are and how are you.”

The philosophy that Claire Harrison has always adhered to

Photography is always growing and trends are always changing. The style of photography & editing is becoming increasingly outdated, so you need to be determined and patient, continue to work in your own style. Moreover, you need to always try to ignore what people are doing, be confident and trust in your work.

Claire Harrison's idol

Claire Harrison said she was inspired by the images she saw everywhere. She didn't always like every element of the image I viewed but she collected thousands of them for reference and inspiration.

Claire Harrison's idol Claire Harrison's idol

Some of Claire Harrison's favorite and favorite photographers include Horst, Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton, Norman Parkinson. Some of her current photographers include Camilla Akrans, Emma Summerton & Ellen Von Unwerth, among others.

Claire Harrison's Advice for Beginners

Claire Harrison's advice for anyone looking to pursue a photography career is to support professional photographers, or in a professional studio.

You will soon find out if this is the career for you. You can also try all sorts of different genres: still lifes, portraits, fashion, beauty, sports, ... and find out what interests you.

After you've supported and felt ready, it's time to test and practice your own work as much as possible, figure out your style and what makes you feel good about your job. .

Finding a team you can rely on and a photo editor that understands your vision is essential. It has to be a collaboration where you can give and receive useful guidance, and also tailor and adjust to suit the shoot / photo session.

Above is the sharing of lead artist Claire Harrison, we hope to help you to have more useful things. If you find this article good and useful, don't forget to support SaDesign Retouching by pressing the Like and Share buttons.

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