7 Experience in photographing beautiful landscapes for beginners

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7 Experience in photographing beautiful landscapes for beginners
Scenery is one of the most favorite photo topics today. Scenery is a type of still photography, so photographers should consider to be able to choose the right angle, scene composition, ... Especially for those who start taking photos but want to challenge difficult photography. In this article, SaDesign will share in detail photography experience for beginners.

Using a wide angle lens

Using a wide-angle lens to take landscape photos
Landscape photos require the photographer to fully express the beauty of the space being photographed. Therefore, a variety of lenses can be used. For landscape photographers, a wide-angle lens is a great choice.
The location and subject of landscape photos always require the photographer to have the lens with the best focal length, so a wide-angle lens is something you cannot ignore. For APS-C cameras, one lens with a focal length of 10-20mm can be selected, while for full-frame cameras, a lens has a focal length of about 15-30mm. Today, the wide lens used to capture landscapes becomes more and more diverse and wide, allow the entire scene to be captured in the photo.
However, you need to remember that the wider the angle of the lens is, the clearer the distortion and tilt of the image are, especially at the edges and at the 4 corners. The lines near the edge will curl and bulge, so beginners need to pay attention to choosing the right focal length for landscapes.

Setup and install camera mode

Parameter Settings for Landscape Photography
Setting on the camera for landscape photography is simple and easy. You should shoot in aperture priority mode, when being in this shooting mode, you can control the depth of field when the camera sets the correct shutter speed. When the aperture is f / 16 for a large area, you set iOS 100 to get the best picture.
The measurement mode should be set to Evaluative / Matrix, at which point the camera will read the light in all areas of the scene. You can also use EV lighting compensation to increase brightness or darken the effect as needed.
These settings combined with the possibility of a filter attached to the lens can make the shutter speed slow down. So, if the shutter speed drops to 1/125 second, it is possible to use a tripod and remote controller so that the shutter can be activated without touching the camera. This also helps to prevent camera shake from affecting image quality.

Focusing when taking pictures

Accurate focusing of the subject of an image

Any type of image, if you do not master the focus technique, the chance of the image being blurred or focusing on the wrong part of the image is quite high. When focusing on landscape photography, the best way is switching the camera and lens to manual focus mode. You just turn the lens focus to be able to focus on the right part of the frame. It should be determined the position in the scene 1/3 of the distance towards the horizon. After you determine this point, look through the viewfinder or use Live View to focus. Adjust the focus until the image is sharp, stop and press the camera. Enlarge the picture just taken on the LCD screen and check the overall picture. If the image is sharp in the foreground and is blurred in the background, you need to set the focus further away and vice versa. Please adjust and focus until you achieve a sharpness you want.

Polarizing light

Adjust composition in accordance with the rule 1/3
This is considered one of the most versatile accessories for those who regularly shoot landscape photography. It has features that make the sky bluer, remove a certain amount of glare, reduce reflections, and potentially increase color saturation. Besides, they are also used as a limited medium-density filter by their ability to reduce light entering the lens by one or two stops.Choosing a composition for a landscape shot
Adjust composition in accordance with the rule 1/3
To achieve an artistically perfect landscape shot, besides external factors such as light, weather, the composition is the key to create a beautiful photo. In style photography, photographers need to follow the rule 1/3 when taking photos. The frame is divided into 9 equal parts, made up of 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines. They will intersect at 4 points and according to photography experts, they are the 4 "golden" points. An image that conforms to the rule of 1/3 composition is when the subjects of the image are in the most “golden” points. Get creative with camera motion photography techniques
Using the blurring technique when taking photos
Landscape photography is often about capturing still, sharp images. However, with the advancement of technology today, there are also more techniques for motion photography. When taking photos, you often blur elements that are moving. To do this, you need to rotate the lens, set the camera to priority, shutter speed 1/8 second with iOS 100. Many photographers use panning technique which is also a way of capturing, you just need to move the camera in a horizontal line when the lens scans a moving object. Zoom Burst, also known as zoom blur technique is a special effect that emphasizes the spread from the center. This technique is quite impressive and attracts the attention of everyone who deeply focuses on the central subject.

Find symmetrical

Symmetric photographing
Finding symmetry is the type of landscape which is extremely innovative for those who are passionate about photography. Photographers can take pictures with the water surface or the horizon. You just put your camera away from the lake surface or let the horizon run through the center of the frame. This will divide the scene and reflection into two equal parts.
Above, Sadesign has shared 7 experiences to be able to take landscape photography for beginners. Hopefully, with the information that we shared, you will be able to take the desired landscape photos. Good luck!

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