Everything you need to know about Coway CHP-671R

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Everything you need to know about Coway CHP-671R
Coway CHP-671R water purifier is a clean water purifier with integrated optimal utility compared to other models of the same brand. The machine is equipped with two new features, hot water mode and cold water mode. Along with the elegant and sophisticated design, the Coway CHP-671R has become the optimal choice for offices, schools... Even better, the Coway CHP-671R series has appeared on the shelves. Idrop's water purifier rental service, serving the diverse equipment needs of all customers. Outstanding advantages of Coway CHP-671R water purifier Everything you need to know about Coway CHP-671R

Outstanding advantages of Coway CHP-671R water purifier

Large water filtration capacity

Compared with Coway's co-branded models, the CHP-671R is upgraded to have a large water capacity in one operation. The tank capacity of the device can filter 21 liters / hour, much larger than other models with the same price and quality. In particular, the water tank usually has a capacity of about 11.5 liters, the cold water tank has a capacity of 6 liters and the hot water tank has a capacity of about 3.5 liters. This makes it possible for the machine to serve the water needs of an entire office or multi-person factory. Xem thêm:

RO technology 5 steps filtration

Coway CHP-671R water purifier uses RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology that can remove up to 99.9% of impurities, bacteria and harmful chemicals in water. You can be assured of the quality of the output water, using it right at the faucet without having to undergo any other disinfection measures. The 5-core RO system not only ensures the complete removal of harmful substances in the water, but also helps to increase the taste of the water, adding micronutrients beneficial to human health. That 5-core system includes: Plus-Sediment core, Pre-Carbon core, RO Memtrane core, Plus Inno-Sense core, Ceramic core. Each core will have different functions in the process of removing dirt and disinfecting to create the cleanest water source for consumers.

Integrated hot and cold water modes

This is one of the extremely optimal points of the Coway CHP-671R model compared to its other models. With the integration of both hot and cold modes along with other normal clean water modes, the machine can meet many different water needs on the same body. The hot water mode can create standard clean water for making coffee, tea, making instant noodles...

Easy to replace the filter element periodically

The filter system of Coway CHP-671R is installed right behind the front body shell, this is an extremely convenient point for users in warranty and prolonging the machine's life. You can completely replace the filter system by yourself without the help of professional technicians. To replace any filter element, users just need to pull out the front body plate to work without having to move the machine anywhere.

Exquisite luxury design

In general, the design of Coway CHP-671R is quite compact compared to other models with a width of only about 37 cm. With this design, you only need to use a small space close to the wall, office corner ... to install, extremely space saving. In addition, with elegant and polite white tones, you can use CHP-671R as an office furniture to score points in the eyes of customers, partners and employees.

The water filtration mechanism of the Coway water purifier CHP-671R

Everything you need to know about Coway CHP-671R

Everything you need know about Coway CHP-671R water purifier

The Coway CHP-671R water purifier integrates many of the world's most advanced filtration technologies in one body. In addition to using reverse osmosis RO main filtration technology, CHP-671R also uses 5 high-tech filter elements to complete its quality disinfection filter core system. The advantages of this premium filtration system include: Advanced filtration technology: CHP-671R uses RO technology capable of removing 9.99% of harmful chemicals, bacteria from water, ensuring pure output water. Secondary anti-pollution technology: Ceramic core has antibacterial ability to prevent re-infection of water sources, ensuring the filtration system always provides clean water 24/7. Deodorizing and flavoring water: The Plus Inno-Sense core in the machine eliminates fishy odors and retains the characteristic sweetness of water, without causing discomfort to consumers. Using a comprehensive 5-step filtration system completely removes harmful impurities and bacteria in water. Everything you need to know about Coway CHP-671R

Filter mode of the water Coway CHP-671R

The water filtration mechanism of the Coway CHP-671R water purifier goes through the following steps:

Step 1: Water will be pushed through the Plus-Sediment filter to completely remove harmful impurities such as dirt, parasites. Step 2: After removing the coarse dirt, the water source will be pushed through the Pre-Carbon filter core to remove chlorine and organic compounds in the water. Step 3: At this step, the water will be pushed through the RO Memtrane RO reverse osmosis membrane. Here the water source will be completely removed from the water-soluble impurities along with microscopic bacteria. Step 4: After the harmful substances have been completely removed, the water is passed through the Plus Inno-Sense filter core to remove the fishy smell and increase the taste of the water. Step 5: Finally, the water will be passed through the Ceramic core to remove bacteria in the container before reaching the consumer. Thanks to the advanced 5-step water purification mechanism, consumers can immediately use the output water without worrying about any other risk of harm. This is one of the machines worth considering for today's businesses. More than a water purifier, the Coway CHP-671R is an extremely handy budget solution for businesses. Please pick up the phone and contact HOTLINE: 02499991357 for Idrop to support and advise on this handy water purifier.

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