Extremely beautiful and impressive concept photo idea

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Concept photography is a particularly popular form of photography, capable of fully expressing the ideas and themes of the photo series. In this article, Sadesign will share with readers some of the most beautiful and impressive photography concepts that you can refer to.

Extremely beautiful and impressive concept photo idea

Concept photography is a particularly popular form of photography, capable of fully expressing the ideas and themes of the photo series. In this article, Sadesign will share with readers some of the most beautiful and impressive photography concepts that you can refer to.

concept photography

1. What is concept photography? 

Concept photography is the practice of arranging and arranging the composition in a certain space to create a context capable of fully conveying the emotions of a set of photos. With this type of shoot, you will have all the ideas from accessories, background to costumes. This helps make the set of photos relevant and cohesive. Thanks to that, photographers can easily take beautiful photos.

What is concept photography

Concept photography is suitable for a variety of different types such as: Fashion photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, art photography,... 


2. Reasons to take concept photos

The current trend of concept photography is very popular because this form of photography helps create professional, impressive photos that express individuality. Concept photography brings many benefits such as: 

Reasons to take concept photos

  • Brings high photography efficiency: Thanks to having a ready concept, the photographer knows exactly what needs to be prepared, from there everything happens smoothly, convenient and effective way. 
  • Better image management: Because everything is in the plan with complete ideas, it helps you manage your work in the best way.
  • Photos are taken in accordance with the concept: In the concept, there are already ideas and work details. Just comply and you will be able to closely follow the shooting requirements, thereby creating a set of photos that meet the requirements. 

3. Instructions on how to create beautiful concepts 

Refer to the following steps that will help you find ideas to create beautiful photography concepts: 

Instructions on how to create beautiful concepts

  • Determine the purpose of the concept: This is the first important factor you need understand clearly, because only when we determine the purpose of the concept can we orient the most appropriate style, content and context. 
  • Research and search for information: Researching and searching for information about popular photography concepts on the market is very important to help you create the best concept ideas.
  • Unifying the shooting concept: This helps everyone work together well, bringing high efficiency at work. 
  • Come up with ideas for conceptual photography: Ideas for conceptual photography including costumes, colors, fashion, shooting angles, locations, time, lighting,... need to be thought up to make sure that it matches the shooting concept. 
  • Develop a script: The script needs to be clearly expressed in terms of messages, emotions, conveyed meaning, etc. 
  • Agree on the shooting concept with the customer: This is to ensure the shooting concept is appropriate with the wishes of the customer. So talk to your customers to help make the photo shoot more effective. 


4. Refer to impressive photography concepts 

4.1. Outdoor concept 

Outdoor photography style is one of the styles that attracts many women thanks to the airy space, helping the photographer's spirit feel more comfortable.

Outdoor concept

Natural light from the sun helps make photos more beautiful, attractive and vivid. The context for this concept is extremely diverse such as: trees, rice fields, rivers or any suitable scene. 

4.2. Ancient concept 

This is a photography concept that has been around for a long time and is still loved by everyone. This style will use eye-catching period costumes and ancient scenery, helping to create extremely unique photos.

Ancient concept

4.3. Vintage concept 

Vintage is a concept with a classic style mixed with nostalgia, so the suitable shooting locations for the photo series are places with ancient architecture, or in flower fields and green gardens, etc.

Vintage concept

Regarding clothing, priority should be given to dark, light tones, along with that you should coordinate with accessories such as hats, hats, bicycles, umbrellas, suitcases, books, etc., to enhance the aesthetic value of the picture.

4.4. Korean Concept 

Concept with Korean style is currently a photography trend loved by many young people. The suitable location for this concept is a modern trend, combined with bright, outstanding outfits. The accompanying accessories can simply create a trendy look for the photo shoot.

Korean Concept

4.5. Portrait concept 

This concept will focus on facial elements, so this concept should be taken in places with good lighting, with a simply decorated space. 

The costumes used for this type of scene will have simple, neutral colors to create emphasis on the model's face.

Portrait concept

4.6. Artistic concept 

With this concept, you need to create artistry, as well as convey content to the photographer. 

The concept is suitable for outfits with opposing, contrasting colors, along with the use of different accessories to make the photo set more impressive.

Artistic concept

Artistic photos need to convey the value of the subject in the photo. With this concept, everyone can become the main character in their own story. 

4.7. Flower concept 

The concept of flower photography according to the seasons of the year has always been loved and welcomed by young people. The trend of taking photos with flowers has been especially popular in recent years.

Flower concept

Depending on each flower season, we can create the most suitable photography concepts. You can refer to unique concepts for taking photos with flowers such as: 

  • Lotus 
  • Chrysanthemum 
  • Heather 
  • Peach blossom 
  • Yellow mustard flower,…

4.8. Birthday concept 

This is currently a well-received concept, especially loved by young women. This type of photography has the effect of saving precious moments to help record the journey of adulthood..

Birthday concept

Usually, this concept is often decorated with accessories that are typical of a birthday party such as flowers, cakes, candles, balloons, etc. The model will wear bright, eye-catching outfits. 

The model will wear bright, eye-catching outfits


Hopefully, the concept shooting ideas that Sadesign brings above will help you build beautiful, impressive backgrounds for yourself to create the photo shoots of a lifetime.


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