Discussing about portfolios with Pratik Naik

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Discussing about portfolios with Pratik Naik

Portfolio with Pratik Naik is a topic of great interest, so let's find out in the article below:

Pratik Naik is one of the 4 technologies. Best Artist of [RE] TOUCHED Magazine "YOUR GATE". During his portfolio discussion with Pratik Naik, he pointed out that: The importance of having a portfolio is different from having a profile on photo community sites like 500px.com, Flickr.com or Behance.net.

Portfolio with Pratik Naik Portfolio with Pratik Naik

Therefore, you need to know how to effectively utilize your portfolio to get the job done and to establish / strengthen the brand. Additionally, how often a portfolio update / refresh should be valuable in creating unique portfolios. In this article, we present a short excerpt from Pratik Naik's article for your reference.

Pratik Naik is a professional fashion, beauty and advertising retoucher based in Houston. Online portfolio: www.solsticeretouch.com.


Pratik Naik has assumed that most of his work seems to come from being seen on social media rather than having a website. Names and word of mouth derived from social media have become more important than portfolios.

Importance Importance

He certainly wouldn't rely solely on this or that. Know that your customers come mostly from different avenues and that the best way to deal with them is social media and word of mouth. Social media also goes hand in hand with having an online portfolio as potential customers will access your website from your social media. So one becomes leads, while the other serves to confirm.

Content & Structure

Pratik Naik analyzed the sites with the strongest impact. A good place to look is the website of his colleague Nick Leadlay. It presents the series' strongest shot before unfolding the entire series when you click on it.

Pratik Naik feels like a portfolio that should only include the best images in your book and need to avoid personal ties. He does not believe in a number, as it depends on the composition.

Content & Structure Content & Structure

For example, if it's a web page with a scrollable layout, having the best solo shots seems to be the main highlight. Having the best job ahead will be key. You will have no way to organize it, as long as the layout is clear and recognizable.

If the customer cannot visit the site, it makes no sense. It's also about what you want to do with your career. If your focus is on commercial work, then categorize your layout accordingly. Have a clear message for anyone viewing your work.

Pratik Naik was in a unique position where he didn't have to use his portfolio and reach out directly to people. It almost became his fantasy agent because people who caught it would contact him on their own. Pratik Naik has yet to reach customers and put its work directly in front of them.


Pratik Naik says that if you feel your work is out of date, it's time to change. There are a number of images that are timeless and can be kept. Others may adapt due to changes in personal style.

Innovation Innovation

For example, if you are increasingly attached to images with clear texture and sharpness, and I tend to want to show them more images to the client than the images that are not detailed. It shows the client the most restraint while still at a level of perfection I feel most clients would agree with. They also seem to be the images that get the most feedback on social media, so focus on those images.

Above is information on portfolio topics with Pratik Naik, SaDesign Retouching hopes to help you with useful information. If you need more support and advice on this issue, please contact us for support as soon as possible.

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