Pearl Studios - A typical artist in professional photo editing

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Pearl Studios - A typical artist in professional photo editing

Pearl Studios is a photo editing studio based in the UK. Robyn, the founder of Pearl Studios, has a very personal and natural style that stands out in his portfolio of brands.

Cover shoot for Magpie Darling Magazine Design by Pearl Studios Cover shoot for Magpie Darling Magazine Design by Pearl Studios

And famous for his publications in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Prestige HK and many others, this young talent has taken the world by storm when it comes to photo editing. With this article we will learn about Robyn's journey in the interview below:

Photographer Fiona Quinn - Retoucher Pearl Studios Photographer Fiona Quinn - Retoucher Pearl Studios

When did Robyn start editing?

“I started getting used to editing at the age of 14, editing it just like my hobby. And I've been doing it professionally for eight years now.”

How did Robyn start editing photos?

“When I was a kid, I really liked to draw but every time I finished I would tear it off and start painting again. My parents are both graphic designers, so the two introduced me to photoshop, which enabled me to show my artistic side without having to throw away anything. any other drawings of mine.

My parents taught me the basics of editing and Photoshop and I started to practice family photos. When I was 16 years old, I started editing model photos and it helped me to have my dear friends in the industry, especially the photographers that I will be working with on set. .

I started offering my image editing services to them so I could practice on professional images and start building my brand. Modeling is also a great way to build relationships in the industry, which has helped me a lot when moving to full-time editing.”

Photographer Daria Romanova; Retoucher Pearl Studios Photographer Daria Romanova; Retoucher Pearl Studios

What is Robyn's favorite work?

“So far, my favorite publication is an editorial that I revised for the cover of HK Prestige Magazine, captured by the amazing photographer Mike Ruiz.”

Cover Story for Prestige Hong Kong Cover Story for Prestige Hong Kong

Robyn and her client

“When I first started editing, I had a small client base that I built through modeling. To extend that, I used Model Mayhem to answer my collaboration calls and advertise my work. Soon I set up a website and started contacting some of my favorite photographers.

I am very fortunate to have many long term clients that I have worked with from the very beginning. I believe that the reason I can maintain long-term relationships is because I work so hard to be able to finish products quickly and according to customer requirements. This has been so important to me from day one - I try to make sure I never let anyone down and always fulfill my deadline.”

Photographer Nicole Corbett; Retoucher Pearl Studios Photographer Nicole Corbett; Retoucher Pearl Studios

Who is Robyn's idol?

“One of the artists who inspire me the most is senior photographer and retoucher Michael Woloszynowicz - his work and the YouTube tutorials are awesome! I'm also very inspired by the talented photographer Fiona Quinn. I have been fortunate enough to be retouching for her for a few years now, her images are a joy to take. I admire her photography skills.”

Photographer Fiona Quinn Photographer Fiona Quinn

Tips for Beginners

“Based on my own experience in the editing industry, I will share a few tips for all beginners.

First of all - be resilient. Building your customer base can be a slow process, but you need to be persistent and it will happen eventually. Always be professional and polite to your clients.

Time is also a key factor when you're trying to retain clients, so I've learned to work quickly while maintaining the quality the customers deserve.

If you don't meet the deadline, you most likely won't get a response from that customer anymore, so you MUST be trustworthy at all times.

On top of that, the best advice I can give is, don't be afraid to ask ...

In the beginning, I contacted my favorite photographers, just asking them for pictures to help me build my own accumulation of experience.

Many people are too scared to do this, however, in my experience feedback is often more positive than not.

Photographers want to work with passionate and determined editors, so sending a message that expresses passion and determination will only bring you the positives.”

Thank you Robyn for sharing with SaDesign Retouching!

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