Penalty when registering and using Adobe Creative Cloud

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Penalty when registering and using Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe products have become familiar and essential to everyone's life. These tools provide a lot of utilities to help users handle all jobs easier and more convenient. However, many users have encountered a penalty when registering and using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Penalty Adobe Creative Cloud Penalty Adobe Creative Cloud

The reason is that when you subscribe to any annual Adobe CC subscription that is paid monthly, you are committing to an annual contract. Furthermore, if you want to register early, you will have to pay fees. 

Penalty when registering and using Adobe Creative Cloud

Many people have been surprised to hear about the penalty when registering and using applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud toolkit, because many people think that this is completely is free.

Therefore, very few people know about the fees for using these software. This thing makes many users have to consider more carefully about Adobe's usage and subscription options in general - to be able to make a smarter decision.

subscription subscription

According to the regulations of the software manufacturer Adobe, the first cancellation clause that many people often get is a fine of $ 80.0. The reason is that the application cancellation of Premier Pro (This is essentially an annual single app but paid monthly) of the manufacturer.

cancellation cancellation

When a user decides to sign up, it's imperative to blindly accept the Terms of Service (ToS) agreement whether right or wrong. This is like most operations that we have to do when installing any application on the computer.

However, they are both very useful for the business or entertainment of the user. 

After canceling the service, the user receives a warning message that they have violated the terms of contract and users will be charged a cancellation fee.

Users can go back and review the plan carefully. One more thing that users need to pay attention to is that even though they are paying monthly, they still have to subscribe to a year-long plan. Because, in fact, it's a contract - not a monthly subscription as many of us may have mistaken.

The relevant terms, similar to the rest of the cancellation terms, can be found here. However, it is important to make sure you read and understand the terms of service before completing your purchase.

When will the user be charged after canceling the contract?

If a user makes a cancellation after 14 days, 50% of remaining contractual obligation will be charged and your service will continue until the end of that month's billing period.

You can easily cancel at any time by visiting your Account Management page or by contacting Customer Support.

  • You can also find subscription and cancellation terms during the registration process.
  • Although the link to the terms seems pretty obvious, you can easily skip it when signing up.

It may surprise you when reading the terms carefully because this is the first time you find that your subscription is a contractual obligation with the real effect of early termination.

Up until that point, you can assume your CC subscription is the same as your Netflix or Google Play music subscription and can be canceled at any time without penalty. Obviously, your previous service interpretations may have been wrong.

Note to cancel the subscription without penalty

Normally, according to the software developer policy, the user will have 14 days from the date of purchase to cancel their subscription without penalty. After that period, a cancellation penalty will be applied, which is 50% of your remaining contract value.

Your service will continue to be performed until the end of that month's billing period. Furthermore, the renewal is not considered as a new subscription. Even if you have two days left until a new one-year renewal period is due, you will still pay 50% cancellation penalty pee, equivalent to six months of service.

Therefore, Adobe Creative Cloud in fact has a no-commitment option with a higher fee - an option that users will be more likely to choose if you pay close attention.

So, let SaDesign Retouching take a look at the different packages available below.

The most basic annual subscriptions

At the registration page, there are three separate payment options for users to choose:

  • Annual plan, pay monthly
  • Annual plan, pay annually
The most basic annual subscriptions The most basic annual subscriptions

Besides, there is also a monthly plan (the only option that you can reduce at any time at no charge).

With the Single Monthly App plan ($ 29.99 / month), you can cancel any time without penalty, but it costs more than half of the annual All Apps plan, is paid monthly ($ 49.99) assuming you keep both for a year.

Therefore, a non-commitment monthly plan may not be the best option if you are in need of long-term use.

non-commitment monthly plan non-commitment monthly plan

Different subscription options for one year access

Let's find out by comparing different subscription options for one year of access:

  • Photographic plan (Photoshop and Lightroom, $ 9.99 / month): $ 119.88 / year
  • Annual Single App Package, paid monthly ($ 19.99 / month): $ 239.88 / year
  • Annual Single App Package (prepaid): $ 239 , 88 / year
  • Monthly Single App Package ($ 29.99 / month): $ 359.88 / year
  • All yearly Apps Package, paid monthly ($ 49.99 / month): $ 599, 88 / year.
  • All monthly Apps Package ($ 74.99 / month): $ 899.88

Looking at the various subscriptions above, we can easily see that Adobe offers discounts on annual subscriptions, even though the cost is the same whether the user pay upfront or monthly in a year.

So, if you know you're going to be using the software for a year (or years), it’s certainly useful for you to sign up for the annual plan. However, even with all these options, some users feel that this option has not met their needs.

For example, if you are a Photographer, Photo Editor or Video Editor, all you're looking for is Photoshop and sometimes Premiere Pro (for large and complex projects); you don't use Lightroom.

Based on Adobe's Creative Cloud services, your essential options are: Sign up for the Photography Plan (PS + LR) for $ 9.99 / month and Premiere Pro as a support.

Above are SaDesign Retouching's shares about penalty when registering and using Adobe Creative Cloud, hope to help you grasp useful information.

If you have any questions that need our support and answers as soon as possible, please contact us by leaving a comment below this article.

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