Synthetic shortcuts in Lightroom helps you edit photos quickly

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Synthetic shortcuts in Lightroom helps you edit photos quickly

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful application with many features for photographers and photo editors. Utilizing all of its capabilities requires familiarizing yourself with the keyboard shortcuts to save your working time.

shortcut in lightroom shortcut in lightroom

All image post-processing, photo sharing are done in one interface, and multi-image work at the same time is fast. In that Adobe Lightroom software is special in that it can process images but not lose the original image.

And in the process of using the software, the operations by keyboard shortcuts are always faster if you do them manually. The following article SaDesign Retouching will summarize the shortcuts in Lightroom to help you edit photos quickly.

Adobe Lightroom is a very professional photo color blending software that is used by many professional photographers around the world. Adobe Lightroom software is mainly focused on post-processing image enhancement and RAW conversion for photographers.

Through many versions, this software is increasingly upgraded with more new features to help users easily complete works from start to finish, or create a photo album quickly. Therefore, when you use Adobe Lightroom, you cannot help but memorize these shortcuts, because it will certainly help your editing work quickly and you will also be much more professional.

Lightrom keyboard shortcut Lightrom keyboard shortcut
No. Shortcuts Functions
1 Ctrl/CMD +Shift+I Import photos into software
2 Ctrl/CMD +O Open the catalog
3 Ctrl/CMD +Alt+, Open catalogo settings
4 Ctrl/CMD +, Open Preferences
5 G Switch Grid Mode (Library Mode)
6 E One-shot view (Loupe View)
7 F Full screen mod
8 L Turn lights on/off
9 P Select a picture
10 X Delete an image
10 Caps Lock Next image automatically
11 D Go to the tab Develop
12 Tab Hide the 2-party toolbar
13 Shift+Tab Hide all toolbars on the home screen
14 Ctrl/CMD +N Compare photos
15 Y Switch The Before (front) and After modes (after) to side-by-side 
16 V Black & White 
17 \ Turn on Before (front) and After (after) Lightroom
18 ~ Check
19 U Unmark
20 H Hide adjustments
21 Q Removal Tool point
21 Đỏ – 6, Vàng – 7, Xanh lá – 8, Xanh nước biển – 9 Set a color label for a photo
22 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Worth the image by the number of stars
23 R Turn on cropped or resize and rotate photos
25 Shift When holding down this key, the aspect ratio of the edges of the image is preserved despite the resizing
26 Alt When holding down this key and dragging to resize the image, the image is pulled symmetrically across the center point
27 Enter Agree to crop a photo
28 Ctrl/ Option +‘ Create a virtual copy
29 Ctrl/CMD +Z Redo the previous operation
30 Ctrl/CMD +C Copy Develop settings
31 Ctrl/CMD +P Paste Develop settings
32 Ctrl/CMD +/ See all keyboard shortcuts

The first keyboard shortcut that you need to know first on your computer is the CMD / CTRL + C & CMD / CTRL + V keys to copy and paste.

Keyboard shortcut in Lightroom Keyboard shortcut in Lightroom

Above are a few basic shortcuts frequently used when we manipulate images in Adobe Lightroom. And Adobe Lightroom's interface is quite similar to the interface of Adobe photoshop, but its design is simpler, so it makes it easier for users to grasp the manipulations when performing.

Hopefully this article will help you in editing photos on Adobe Lightroom professional software and quickly in your workflow through these basic shortcuts. Thank you for watching the article.

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