Wrong point when magazines charge artists for submitting their editorials

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Wrong point when magazines charge artists for submitting their editorials

Beauty and fashion editorials are an opportunity for artists to show their creativity and skills. As a result, artists are always competing for their work to be shown on any publication, but very often get paid. Now there is a recent and growing trend that journals do not pay their contributors, and even worse, charge a fee when they contribute work.

Why does the magazine charge contributors to their publication?

Before we dig into the numbers on how pervasive this tactic is, let's try to find out exactly why magazines charge in the first place. Simply put, it is supply and demand.

Why does the magazine charge contributors to their publication Why does the magazine charge contributors to their publication

Artists want one or more of the following to share their publication on social media, create an appeal when their work is "published", see their work in print, and prove it to potential clients. how their images behave on print media. At that time, the magazine serves as a form of advertising for some people and a basis for others to demonstrate their capabilities. The magazine has something the contributors want.

While large print journals with a known volume have to spend money to print in bulk, these on-demand publications do not have to pre-order any print production costs, they are only Simply get a discount from the listed price. This does not mean that there are no other expenses such as editor's time, graphic design and hosting cost, ...

How many magazines are charging?

At the time of this writing, there are 186 active listing journals on Kavyar. Of these, only 43 (23%) of which are completely free to contributors. There are 21 lists that don't have free sending options, with 122 of them offering free sending.


This is followed by premium levels for many types of "upgrades". That means that one way or another, 77% of Kavyar's magazine listings charge senders for the opportunity to publish their work.

In essence, what is the fee that magazines charge?

As far as we were concerned, we discovered that about 9 different categories and titles for these fees exist for publications on websites such as Kavyar, as well as for magazines with mail and payment portal private. Here is the list:

what is the fee that magazines charge what is the fee that magazines charge
  • Paid Webitorial / Editorial Posts.
  • Priority Upgrade & Priority Response / 24-48 Hour Response.
  • Feedback / Reasons for rejecting publications.
  • Digital Tearsheets / Priority Tearsheets + Free digital magazine.
  • Publishing is Guaranteed.
  • Considerations for Cover.
  • Make sure to be selected as the cover page.
  • Smart Instagram features.
  • Advertising and Sponsored Publication Content

Should you pay for your editorials to get published?

There is no best true or false answer to this question, as natural artists are often subjective when it comes to what justifies their marketing costs. However, it's best to consider, considering the costs you spend creating the editorial you are submitting for journals.

Should you pay for your editorials to get published Should you pay for your editorials to get published

At the very least, you are donating your time to create the work, along with the cost of your equipment. Either any studio or potential cost, your software cost, any food or drink you may have served, any travel expenses, any compensation for modeling or creative team, potential editing costs, ...

A lot of work goes into an excellent editorial, that comes not only from the photographer but also the team. You don't have to pay to share your work unless you can be sure that you will see a return on that investment.

If you plan to pay, do your research carefully, based on the following criteria:

  • Is the publication a recognizable and respected name?
  • Does the magazine have a strong presence on social networks with a high level of interaction and influence? If you spend money on a magazine with no name, your publication will certainly not be taken seriously.
  • Is the magazine tagging and crediting everyone participating in the editorial or are they just listing the names in the comments? You need to ensure that when you are charged you still have copyright.
  • Do they always post editorials on their issues or do they just share a handful of them?
  • Is there no comparable magazine that offers free submissions?
  • Ask yourself the only really important question: will I get paid work out of this?

If any of the answers to these questions are not right for you, then you should definitely not pay for a magazine to share your work.

What can you do instead of paying for magazines?

When asked why they paid to submit their work or why they would even consider it, most of the answers focused on increasing their social presence and earning money. attract paying customers.

What can you do instead of paying for magazines What can you do instead of paying for magazines

This can actually be done in two very effective ways that have nothing to do with paying for the magazine: posting quality work on Instagram and promoting your posts on Instagram.

There is also the third option of contributing only to magazines that do not charge you to submit and that will give you free of charge the right confirmation papers.

If you create good work and share it regularly while adhering to solid Instagram marketing methods, your followers will grow naturally. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of when paying to advertise your posts, officially, through Instagram.

You can select a target audience, set a price, and view Insights to review the performance of that Paid ad. If you have burning money in your pocket, consider trying this instead of paying for a chance to bury your work in the 20th issue of the month that may only your collaborators see.

Finally, you should focus on creating the great work that you are proud of, which you confidently share with the world. If you continue to create and share, paid work will come. Invest in your development as a creative expert, not in frivolous publishing.

Above are our shares about the topic of magazines that charge contributors editorials, which help you better understand about this issue. If you have any questions or need more support in this regard, please contact SaDesign Retouching for the fastest service.

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